The Trans Support Center Civil Association is demanding justice for the murder of Paola, murdered on September 29, and Alessa Flores, who was found dead Thursday night.

Rocío Suárez, president of the Trans Community Support Center confirmed that the independent activist for the rights of transgender women and sex workers, Alessa Flores, was murdered in a hotel in Mexico City, the Homicide Prosecutor's Office.

According to authorities, Alessa was strangled to death.

Suárez said that Alessa's family is currently traveling to Mexico City to take her remains back to her native Tabasco.

In this month alone, the murder of two transgender women have been reported in Mexico City, as well as one in Chiapas and the State of Mexico, each, according to the activist.

Several transgender associations will hold a demonstration demanding justice for these murders at the Glorieta de Insurgentes public square in Mexico City later today.

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