Rafa Márquez criticizes the increase of foreign players in Mexican soccer

The captain of El Tri said that people are afraid to have an opinion about it.

(Photo: Imago7)
English 24/05/2016 18:11 Édgar Luna Cruz Mexico City Actualizada 18:11

Famed soccer player Rafael Márquez criticized the so-called "10-8 rule," which ends all limits to the presence of foreign players in the Mexican soccer league starting the next season.

"This is a reflection of what's happening in the country. This rule hurts the Mexican soccer players, not now, but in the future. And we can't do a thing. We don't have a union, we don't have a voice nor a choice, we can't have an opinion," expressed the new captain of the Mexican national soccer team.

This is a reflection "of what is happening in the country. People are afraid to have an opinion, just like in politics. The same laws, it's something very sad," he said.