25 | MAR | 2019

Seven disappearances denounced in Apaxtla: Mayor

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Salvador Martínez confirmed that the Army, State and Federal Police are looking for them.

The mayor of Apaxtla, Salvador Martínez Villalobos, confirmed that seven people have been missing in that municipality for the last four days, and that other two were able to escape their captors.

On a telephone interview, the retired general in charge of that town in Guerrero, with a population of 12,500, reported that since last Saturday the Army, the State and the Federal have been looking for the disappeared, without results.

"It has been said that 17 have been missing for the last four days," but the authorities are only certain about seven people missing, he said.

The authorities are using several vehicles and helicopters on the search.

The official version indicates that an armed group broke into Apaxtla and intercepted a bus and kidnapped some of the passengers, and then two farmers who were working in a different area.

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