This week Luis Miguel suspended two concerts within minutes of starting at Mexico City's National Auditorium.

His team justified the situation arguing that the Mexican singer had rhinopharyngitis, reason for which he also canceled two other dates.

On Wednesday he is expected to perform in Córdoba and Buenos Aires and on November 30, in Chile.

Lately Luis Miguel, 45, avoids interviews, but this weekend the Argentinean newspaper Clarín published a conversation with him before he canceled the shows in which he spoke about his ear problem: tinnitus, which makes him hear noises that do not come from any external source.

"It's a complicated situation, but you have to think that I began singing when I was 9, so I have been surrounded by loud music for over 30 years. I underwent a treatment and fortunately I'm much better now," Luis Miguel said to Clarín.

"Sometimes life tests you and you have to overcome these difficulties. I'm overcoming this condition with the support of my beloved ones, the doctors and the public, that has been extraordinary and given me strength. I have been able to rehabilitate almost miraculously, "he added.

The journalist had to wait for three hours to talk to the singer, and once he arrived, he sat in the darkness, so his face could not be seen.

In the interview, Luis Miguel denied being admitted to an American clinic to lose weight and control his alleged addictions.

"All these were rumors. If I had to deny everything that is said about me, I would have to retire and do nothing else. However it is true that lately I have taken my personal life more seriously and I'm taking more time also for my professional life. For example, I take longer to record my CDs, and also for the tours," he explained.

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