Pope Francis goes to 'Ground Zero'

The Pontiff visited the 9-11 memorial

It is expected that he will meet relatives of the victims. (Photo: CTV)
English 25/09/2015 11:08 Actualizada 11:11

Pope Francis visited "Ground Zero" in New York, the memorial of the victims of 9-11 attack, after his speech at the United Nations headquarters.

It is expected that the Pontiff will meet with relatives of the victims.

In the afternoon, the Pope will visit the school of Our Lady Queen of Angels, an institution that offers education to the community of Harlem, where 70% of the students are Hispanic and 22% are African Americans.

The Pontiff also will also tour Central Park before offeringa mass in the Madison Square Garden  at 6:00 p.m., in his last event before departing for Philadelphia on Saturday morning.