17 | OCT | 2019
Only judge Eduardo Medina Mora voted in favor of not lifting the ban. (Photo: Archive/ELUNIVERSAL)

Supreme Court opens the door for gay adoption

Juan Omar Fierro / Mexico City
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The court invalidated an article forbidding homosexual couples from adopting in Campeche.

The Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) voted against an article of the laws of the state of Campeche forbidding adoption by same-sex couples, considering it a prerogative of man and woman couples.

The SCJN considered that the restriction was discriminatory and contrary to the best interests of children.

By a majority of nine votes against one, the court also declared unconstitutional the provision for the automatic stripping of parental rights to any person who agreed to a convivial society with another individual, no matter who is the father or the mother of the child.

The judges considered that the aforementioned article violates the constitutional right to form new family models, which may include same-sex couples, mothers and single parents, grandparents in charge of grandchildren, and others.

Judge Eduardo Medina Mora was the only one who voted against the invalidation, expressing that it is not discriminatory and that not all types of families should have the right to adopt a minor.

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