Santos wins the Clausura tournament

They were defeated by Gallos Querétaro by a score of 3-0, but got the final victory with a global of 5-3

Santos Laguna got their fifth tournament in Mexican soccer. (Photo: Imago7)
English 31/05/2015 23:29 Actualizada 23:29

Santos suffered a setback of 3-0 before Querétaro on Sunday night, but with a global score of 5-3 they won the fifth championship of their history, being crowned in the Clausura tournament.

Mario Osuna converted a foul on the first ten minutes, Yasser Corona scored with a headshot on the 21 and Ángel Sepúlveda added another goal on the 38 to give the victory to the "Gallos Blancos," who nevertheless were unable to achieve their first championship.

With its five championships, Santos tied with Pachuca in the seventh place among the teams with more tournaments in the country, behind Pumas and León (7), Cruz Azul (8), Toluca (10), Chivas (11) and América (12).

The "Warriors," that seeped into the final phase thanks to various combinations in the last day, joined other four teams which, entering as eighths in the playoffs, got a championship. América (Summer 2002), Pumas (Apertura 2004), Chivas (Apertura 2006) and León (Clausura 2014) are the others.

Although Santos went through a rough tournament, in the final phase they were completely dominant.