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Mexican student to participate in NASA program
The student from Zacatecas is part of the team of 55 youths who will participate in the International Space Station Program, fostered by NASA
Over half of all Mexicans use the Internet
The study showed an increase of Mexican surfers from 79.1 million in 2017-2018 to 82.7 million in 2019
Mexico cancels Peña Nieto's internet program
From 2013 to 2018, the Peña Nieto administration allocated MXN $10,129 million for this program
Mexican students succeed in RoboCup 2019 with robot “Justina”
The objective of the Biorobotics Lab is to prepare students and pursue research in the area
The day Mexico saw the moon landing
The color TV, Guillermo González Camarena's invention, allowed millions of people to watch the moon landing 50 years ago
Outstanding CONALEP students will visit NASA
The group of Mexican students will also visit the Mexican Consulate in Houston and the San Jacinto Museum
How to protect your data in the age of cybercrime
In Mexico, cybercrime poses an increasing threat to civilians, as well as both private and public institutions
Mexican student invents chip to detect cancer
The microfluid chip is part of Mayoral Peña’s doctoral project and works with small blood samples
Mexican students develop anti-kidnapping shoe insole
The sensor is fully imperceptible since it is only 1cm wide, according to the TecNM students
Mexican president pitches universal internet in chat with Mark Zuckerberg
The representative did not confirm any tie-ups between Facebook and the Mexican government