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The young Mexican developing space technology
The young Mexican student from Tampico dreams of becoming and astronaut
Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano looks dazzling in new HD cameras
Striking images of the Popocatépetl volcano erupting near Mexico City shocked residents of the capital
Mexico is the top video games consumer in Latin America
According to experts, the popularity of video games could be used to promote healthy habits
Mexican students create lightweight polystyrene bricks
The project called Tunicol TEP (Ecological Polystyrene Brick) was designed and made by IPN students
Mexican students create sustainable go-kart
The prototype absorbs energy through its solar panel and it also charges through its brake system
Mexican students create robotic hand for people with disabilities
The prosthesis is made with mechanical, electronic, and 3D-printed pieces
Mexican students succeed in UBTECH Robotics Competition
The UBTECH Robotics competition consists of building and programming a robot that is able to perform multiple tasks
IntraBACH, an intranet to promote Tzeltal language and culture
A group of bilingual teachers and IT experts developed an intranet with content in Tzeltal language to bring the digital world to the indigenous people in Chiapas
Mexicans create the first vegan leather using nopal
Adrián López and Marte Cázarez developed Desserto, a synthetic cactus leather to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry
The woman who connected Mexico to the Internet
Astrophysicist Gloria Koenigsberger helped to achieve the first Internet connection of Mexico’s highest house of studies