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Mexican scientists to delve into Earth’s deepest secrets
The expedition in the Guaymas Basin, located in the Gulf of California, will extract more information about Earth's history and its evolution
Mexican students excel in Ibero-American Biology Olympiad
Adrián Rodríguez, Leonardo González, Samuel Ruiz, and Eduardo Jiménez represented Mexico in the international competition
Mexican scientists win Breakthrough Prize
Project Event Horizon Telescope captured the first photograph of a supermassive black hole
Felipe Ávila went to NASA’s International Air and Space Program in 2017 and 2018
New Quantum Technologies Laboratory in Mexico
Quantum technologies will begin the new revolution in science
What causes people to be left-handed?
Social factors are also related to left-handedness
Mexican scientists sequence avocado genome
The research opens the possibility to improve avocados genetically to maintain Mexico's competitiveness as the main exporter of this endemic product
Mexican students helped by Guillermo del Toro excel in Maths Olympiad
Back in May, Guillermo del Toro offered to cover the travel expenses of the team to South Africa
Mexican student wins bronze at International Chemistry Olympiads
In addition, Víctor Ulises Placencia, from Jalisco, won an honorary mention in the IchO 2019
5 new reefs discovered in the Gulf of Mexico
The five ecosystems are located in the seas of Veracruz and cover a surface of more than 1,100 hectares