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The Mexican who defeated racism in Los Angeles
Víctor Pérez migrated to the U.S. and was a victim of racism; his amazing story gives hope for those looking for justice and the American Dream
ICE raids in Mississippi: 122 Mexican migrants arrested
Activists reported that ICE raids have taken place in companies where migrant workers have organized unions to face discrimination and dangerous working conditions with the support of U.S. authorities
Mexico deportations of Central American migrants hit record high
Last June, Mexico deployed thousands of soldiers of the National Guard on the northern and southern borders to stop the multitudinous streams of irregular Central American migrants headed to the United States
Mexico toughens its stance on migration
In recent days, the Federal Police was accused harassing a migrant shelter
Mexico refuses to become a safe third country
That former deal was reached to avert Trump’s threat of tariffs on Mexican imports
Thousands of children in Mexico wait for asylum in the U.S.
30% of the migrants in Ciudad Juárez waiting for asylum in the U.S. are minors; anguish, anxiety, fear, and identity crisis are some of the psychological effects they are suffering
2,100 more soldiers to border with Mexico: Pentagon
In light of President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown, the Pentagon will send more troops from the National Guard to assist with tasks of logical support and aerial surveillance
La Unión Tepito recruits migrants through deceits
The report of missing members of a family of migrants alerted the authorities of the alleged recruitment of migrants for La Unión Tepito
Mexico strengthens measures for intercepting migrants
With the use of giant X-ray, +200 migrants hiding in trucks have been found and are now in custody of the INM
Mexican authorities rescue 134 migrants from closed box trailer
71 children, 36 men, and 27 women were rescued from a closed box trailer in Ozuluama, Veracruz