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Buñuelos, a crunchy Christmas dessert
Buñuelos are a must of traditional Mexican cuisine
Colación, a Christmas Mexican sweet
Colación is a traditional Mexican sweet that is a must during the Christmas season
The forbidden uses of chocolate
For a long time, chocolate was considered a forbidden fruit due to its alleged reinvigorating powers
Oaxaca has everything: beautiful buildings, archeological sites, natural wonders, and incredibly complex gastronomy
Pulcaletas: The drink of the gods made popsicle
These popsicles are made from pulque, the traditional Mexican beverage, and fruits
The origin of cod in Mexican cuisine
Originally from Noruega, cod is a white fish that lives in cold seas. It is caught in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and the Scandinavian countries
Mexican smart food, a healthy option
Smart food includes a minimally processed balanced diet related to sustainable food systems that require fewer pesticides and agrochemicals
Pulque and Barbacoa Fair in Mexico City
Enjoy delicious tacos and pulque at the Magdalena Contreras borough!
Aguas frescas, traditional Mexican beverages
These non-alcoholic fresh beverages are made with tropical fruits, seeds, flowers, grains, and leaves
The story behind horchata water
In Mexico, the main ingredients of horchata water are rice soaked in water, sugar, and cinnamon