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Impetuosa, the craft beer brewed by Mexican women
Women are contributing to the legacy of Mexican breweries with high-quality beers
Guacamole, the most coveted Super Bowl snack
The classic and original guacamole is a sauce that has won popularity out of Mexico in recent years
Yucatán wins Guinness World Record for biggest Three Kings cake
The Three Kings cake tradition is deeply rooted in Mexico to celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men
“I want everyone who dines in here to truly grasp Mexican gastronomy,” says Alan Carias chef and co-owner of Ardea, the new restaurant at boutique hotel Coco Hacienda Tulum
For all evil and all good: Mezcal, the perfect drink
Mezcal is considered one of the most representative drinks in Mexico as well as an elixir worthy of gods
Champurrado, a traditional Mexican beverage
This traditional hot beverage dates back to pre-Colonial times
Turkey sandwiches, a tasty Mexican tradition
Actually known as turkey tortas, they are prepared with a bread called “telera”
Buñuelos, a crunchy Christmas dessert
Buñuelos are a must of traditional Mexican cuisine
Colación, a Christmas Mexican sweet
Colación is a traditional Mexican sweet that is a must during the Christmas season
The forbidden uses of chocolate
For a long time, chocolate was considered a forbidden fruit due to its alleged reinvigorating powers