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California urges possible sex abuse victims of Mexican church leader to come forward
Prosecutors say three minors and one adult woman were abused, with one child and the woman raped
Mexican religious leader accused of human trafficking, child rape
The Light of the World Church is a religious organization present in 58 countries and has over 15,000 churches in the world
Emilio Lozoya, former Pemex director, won't be arrested
The Mexican government issued an arrest warrant against Lozoya, the former official is wanted by the Interpol in 190 countries
Key witness against El Chapo is sentenced to 15 years in prison
Vicente Zambada Niebla, former member of the Sinaloa Cartel, could be out of prison in 3-5 years
Quintana Roo ex-governor Roberto Borge given two years for corruption
Roberto Borge was linked to legal proceedings for abuse of power and irregular performance in public office
Mexico asks Brazil Justice Minister for help with its Odebrecht graft probe
Mexican Attorney General Gertz Manero said he would launch a criminal probe into Odebrecht within 60 days
Mexican tourists vandalize 65-million-year-old rock in Tamaulipas
The Rubio García family was bold enough to leave a signature in the ancient natural monument
UAEH’s request to unblock bank accounts rejected by district court
A second district court denied a request by the University of Hidalgo to unblock their bank accounts
Death of 63-year-old man ruled ‘homicide’ at the hands of Pablo Lyle
Judge Alan S. Fine on Monday set bail for Mexican soap opera actor Pablo Lyle at USD$50,000
Mexican actor Pablo Lyle has bail set at USD$50K in Miami
Lyle's lawyers said that he only punched the victim once and never intended to kill anyone