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Mexico’s Sonora state to close U.S. border over COVID-19 rise in Arizona
The United States and Mexico previously agreed to limit non-essential border crossings into the U.S. during the pandemic
How to stay safe while swimming in times of COVID-19
Is it safe to swim at a beach or pool during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Best practices for safe mail and packages handling during the COVID-19 pandemic
Is it safe to open mail and packages during the pandemic?
Physical activity in times of COVID-19: How to stay fit and healthy during the pandemic
It is important to get physical activity during the coronavirus lockdown
Psychiatric hospital in Mexico registers COVID-19 outbreak
Health authorities asserted the corresponding protocols to prevent further COVID-19 infections have been implemented at Tampico's Psychiatric Hospital
Unprecedented case of newborn triplets infected with COVID-19 registered in Mexico
Both parents of the triplets tested negative to COVID-19
The Mexican-made isolation pod designed to tackle the coronavirus pandemic
The pod allows for an easier transfer of patients from their house to the hospital
UNAM's affordable ventilator is ready to fight COVID-19
The ventilator developed by UNAM experts is portable and affordable
How to handle cash safely during the COVID-19 pandemic
Many businesses worldwide have banned cash transactions
Mexico’s new data dashboard highlights COVID-19 demographics in hopes of strategies to tackle the pandemic
More specific sociodemographic data will help Mexico improve its measures against COVID-19