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Mexico’s glaciers are threatened by climate change
With the rise of temperature related to global warming, mountain tops no longer have the necessary conditions to regenerate glaciers
Sea turtles with deadly herpes tumors found in Mexico
Specimens of black turtle were found in Sinaloa, Mexico with fibropapilloma tumors, a devastating sea turtle disease
From poachers to guardians: saving manatees in Mexico
How could a biologist turn manatee poachers into their most loving guardians?
Mexico’s Conquest: the environmental impact
Veracruz, Tabasco, and Tlaxcala are the states with greater ecosystem loss since the arrival of the Spanish in 1519
The environmental impact of the Maya civilization
Due to the agricultural systems they used, the Maya could have had a direct impact in the emission greenhouse gases into the air
Pemex among top 10 global polluters
There are 20 companies responsible to send into the environment 35% of greenhouse gases, that is 480 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide and methane, mainly for the combustion of their products
The new Mexico City airport could affect water supply in Indigenous communities
The President canceled the USD $13 billion airport through a non-binding referendum
Mexican students generate energy with recycled water
According to INEGI, approximately 21.2 million homes in Mexico receive water daily, and around 1 million only receive it once a week. The lack of water faces several problems such as the overexploitation of aquifers, distribution networks, and pollution
Silk made from agave
The elaboration of agave silk is complemented by the production of vegetable dyes, giving the final product an added ecologic and aesthetic value
Sighting of vaquitas brings hope to the endangered species
Six specimens of vaquita were seen during an expedition that took place from August 19th to September 3rd