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In eco-friendly move, Mexico City bans single-use plastic bags
Mexico City’s new ban on plastic bags has inspired visions of a journey back in time when people relied on paper bags and baskets to carry things
No justice for the victims of the toxic spill in Sonora
Five years after the toxic waste spill, Grupo Mexico has yet to repair the environmental and health damages caused in Sonora
Without surveillance, illegal fishing of totoaba is on the rise
Sea Shepherd activists reported nearly 80 small fishing boats with nets full of totoaba in the port of San Felipe, Baja California
Mexico wants to recover its native plants
The National Program of Native Plants for Food and Agriculture has the objective of recovering 60 native species of plants in Mexico
Pick your own Christmas tree in Mexico City
In Mexico, there are 12 states with legal commercial forest plantations with a total of 2,500 hectares
The Mexican wolf is no longer extinct
Although the first captive breeding works took place in the U.S., Mexico has worked hard to reintroduce the Mexican wolf into the wild in the Janos Biosphere Reserve in Chihuahua
Mexican activist girl fights to save jaguars
Sofía Molina created Cococu, a nonprofit organization that wants to create awareness about the jaguar’s extinction
Mexico’s glaciers are threatened by climate change
With the rise of temperature related to global warming, mountain tops no longer have the necessary conditions to regenerate glaciers
Sea turtles with deadly herpes tumors found in Mexico
Specimens of black turtle were found in Sinaloa, Mexico with fibropapilloma tumors, a devastating sea turtle disease
From poachers to guardians: saving manatees in Mexico
How could a biologist turn manatee poachers into their most loving guardians?