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Gael García & Diego Luna to collaborate with Amazon Studios
Mexicans Diego Luna and Gael García recently created their own film, theater, and TV production company
Float at Air Fest Mexico 2019
There will be food, music and a race!
Sofía Aragón represented Mexico at Miss Universe 2019
Beauty pageants have sparked criticism because of the way they portray women
Drug series, an apology for crime
In recent years, there has been wide interest from the public in narcoculture. Mexican drug cartels have become increasingly powerful, often living a life full of luxury, vice, and excess usually portrayed in popular series and films
Emma Coronel, El Chapo’s wife, to star in VH1’s Cartel Crew
After a week of rumors and negotiations, television network VH1 confirmed Emma Coronel's participation in reality show Cartel Crew
Emma Coronel, El Chapo’s wife, to join Cartel Crew
Cartel Crew shows the daily lives of people related to cartels and of the consequences that link has had on them
Mexican authorities offer help to locate José José's remains
The singer's children said they have been unable to locate the body
Mexican actor Pablo Lyle to face trial on involuntary manslaughter
On a six hours-long hearing, the judge Alan Fine rejected the application of the “Stand Your Ground” state law on self-defense
Actor Danny Trejo saves baby trapped in an overturned car
Trejo is known for playing tough guys in films
Werevertumorro wins third place in Fortnite World Cup
The team of the influencer scored higher than famous gamers Ninja and Tfue