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Santa Lucía: The legal dispute continues
The Santa Lucía airport has been disputed in court for months
Pemex: 20 years of corruption, fraud, and fuel theft
Besides fraud and bribes at Pemex, in recent years, even oil rigs have been looted
Mexico will tax digital economy
This is an opportunity to establish the foundation of a regulation that will transcend tax collection
Mexico doesn't have a digital strategy
Why isn't Mexico focusing and investing on technology?
Mexico's amnesty law could fail
In Mexico, it is common for police officers to detain and accuse people who had nothing to do with a crime
Mexico: It's time to leave toxic masculinity behind
It is time for men to realize that domestic work does not undermine their masculinity
Competitiveness: Mexico's biggest challenge
The World Economic Forum presented its most recent competitiveness report
Corruption at the CFE
Today, EL UNIVERSAL reveals that the CFE has incurred in alleged corruption acts
Women are taking over politics
Women are now leading key institutions such as the IMF and the European Commission
The victims of femicide deserve justice
Femicides start to multiply when authorities don't have the faculty to reclassify the crimes