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Pemex threatened by ransomware attack
Hackers have increasingly targeted companies with malicious programs that can cripple systems overseeing everything from supply chains to payments to manufacturing, removing them only after receiving substantial payments
Pemex is drowning in debt
Pemex is in danger of being accused of accounting fraud in the U.S. The oil company has stopped paying contracts to over 950 companies and does not report that debt on its financial statements
Fuel oil crisis threatens Pemex
The entry into force of the new rules of the International Maritime Organization (IMO 2020) that forbid vessels to use fuel oil with high sulfur content (over 0.5%) affects not only national production but its commercialization in the domestic market, as well as its exports
Emirates Airline set to operate in Mexico
Emirates Airlines obtained permission to operate a daily flight between Dubai and Mexico City via Barcelona starting next December 9, 2019
Mexico wants to strengthen economic ties with Argentina
Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he is interested in bolstering economic and trade ties with Argentine; Alberto Fernández, Argentina’s president-elect Alberto Fernández used his first foreign trip since winning office last month to proclaim a new era of leftist cooperation
Investments in Mexico’s mining industry slow down
The pace of investments in Mexico’s mining industry is expected to slow this year to its lowest since 2016; greater policy certainty is needed to attract more investments
Made in China: Corona, the iconic Mexican beer, to lose its traditional origin
Corona started local production on markets outside Mexico due to the need of its owner Anheuser-Busch InBev of satisfying high demand and solving supplies problems
Twitter & Google safe from Mexico’s tax to digital economy
Mexico’s Finance Ministry said only those apps related to the services sector, specifically hotels and hosting, will be included in the tax to digital economy companies
Mexico expects U.S. Congress to approve USMCA soon
Mexico expects U.S. lawmakers to soon begin the process of approving USMCA now that President López Obrador has promised wage increases and funding for labor reforms
Low wages increase the need of additional jobs
Over half of subordinate workers in the country earn, in the best scenario, up to MXN $6,161 per month