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Mexico’s Cervantino Festival will focus on migration
The 47th edition of the International Cervantino Festival will present 295 artistic activities with migration as the focal point
17th century Mexican folding screen to be auctioned by Sotheby’s
The unique Mexican folding screen depicts different scenes from the Conquest of Mexico and a view of Mexico City. The piece portrays News Spain's identity and history
Aztec god Xipe Tótec and his link to pozole
Also called “Our Lord the Flayed One,” Xipe Tótec was the god of new vegetation, fertility, and war and was one of the four creators of the universe
Day of the Dead Barbie doll is here!
This is not the first time Barbie pays homage to Mexico
Mexico forgets its museums
Museums in Mexico are going through a critical situation; several compounds focused in history have not received a single visitor from January to May 2019
Hurakán, the Mayan god of storms
Hurricanes are named after the Mayan god of wind, fire, and storms
Frida Kahlo Corporation launches makeup line
Of course, the collection includes a brow palette to recreate Kahlo’s famous attribute
Soumaya Museum collaborates with Google Arts & Culture
The ongoing collaboration started five years ago and both parties look to boost access, education and economic growth
Guanajuato International Film Festival to pay homage to Nicolas Cage
On July 22nd, the American actor will also give a keynote speech about different aspects of his prolific film career
Frida Kahlo: protagonist of Fin DAC mural in Guadalajara
As part of the activities of the dance festival “Despertares Impulsa,” the Irish artist painted the mural in Guadalajara