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Lydia Cacho’s house raided; journalistic material related to pederasty robbed
Acts of reprisal against the journalist Lydia Cacho have not stopped; two suspects broke into her home, killed her dogs, and robbed work equipment and highly sensitive journalistic material
Previous administrations signed 45 contracts with companies linked to Juan Collado
At least seven federal agencies signed contracts with companies linked to Juan Collado
Mexico proposes binational commission to the U.S. over El Chapo’s fortune
Since most of the cartels and their assets are in the U.S. and not in Mexico, a commission of these sorts would be of great use for locating El Chapo’s fortune
Judge suspends Javier Duarte's conviction
Duarte claims he and the Peña Nieto administration staged his arrest
Human rights activist Zenaida Pulido murdered
Zenaida Pulido Lombera was the coordinator of the International Caravan in Search of the Disappeared, in Aquila, Michoacán
Mexico will auction jewelry and watches formerly owned by drug lords
The 148 jewelry lots have an initial price of MXN $21.8 million
Soccer player who killed newlyweds tries to reach settlement with the victims' families
On June 23, Maleck crashed his car and killed the newlywed couple
Mexicans, drug mules in Latin America
The countries with more Mexicans arrested for drug-related activities are Peru, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Cuba and Venezuela
Lozoya, perpetrator of money laundering in Odebrecht: FGR
Lozoya, former CEO of PEMEX, was the link between Odebrecht, businessmen, and politicians that would ally with the Brazilian company for the purpose of having a better position in the market of Veracruz and Tamaulipas, and even in the federal government
Sócrates Herrera, former Pemex security head, arrested for fuel theft
The retired general, former Chief of Security in Pemex, is accused of alleged "huachicoleo"; other 20 military men are involved in the case; 5 have been arrested