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Silent Spring: 50+ years after
Fifty-six years ago, this fall, Silent Spring met fierce criticism. Attacks and efforts to discredit Dr. Carson came, as expected, from powerful chemical companies such as DuPont
Is the teporingo really gone?
Scientists and conservationists should work on the preservation and reintegration of the teporingo
Our seven deadly environmental sins
The seven environmental sins of our times are habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, habitat degradation and pollution, overexploitation, invasive species, diseases, and climate change (exacerbating all of the above)
Snake venom: The key to cardiovascular health?
The Biotechnology Institute at UNAM has developed an antivenom that could cure cardiovascular ilnesses
The environmental impact of tezontle extraction in New Mexico City Airport
The ongoing exploitation of tezontle mines in Texcoco could have devastating effects on the environment
19S: How to keep your pets safe during an earthquake
Experts share their tips on how to take care of your pets during a natural disaster
Mexico: The whale shark’s favorite place
Most whale sharks can be found in Mexico at the Caribbean Sea, 11 miles northeast of Isla Mujeres
Seabirds threatened by Baja California's sardine industry
The seagull and tern populations in the Sea of Cortez are suffering due to sardine over-exploitation
The shape of water… on the Moon
A large amount of water has been discovered on the Moon and NASA has an ambitious exploration project
Donald Trump wants to militarize outer space
Donald Trump recently stated that he would like to create a branch of the U.S. Military in outer space