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Mexican archeologists uncover pre-Columbian village in Quintana Roo
The village belongs to the Postclassic period
Despite COVID-19, 4,000 Spring equinox enthusiasts visit Chichén Itzá
The legendary Mayan site is home to an amazing equinox phenomenon
Yoruba archeological piece Mexico returned to Nigeria is fake
On February 25, Mexico returned an allegedly ancient Ife sculpture to Nigeria
Researchers unravel the mystery surrounding the Xalla Palace in Teotihuacan
For decades, archaeologists and scientists have been studying the ancient civilization that once inhabited Teotihuacan
UNAM rekindles the ancient pre-Hispanic ballgame
UNAM researchers are analyzing the characteristics of the ancient rubber ball
Evidence suggests Teotihuacan collapsed in 570 A.D.
For many years, Teotihuacan was the most powerful city in Mesoamerica
Mexico returns Yoruba archeological piece to Nigeria
The bronze sculpture from the Yoruba people was seized in Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport
Mexican archeologists recover ancient monolith
The limestone slab is characterized by a full-length feline carved in relief
Great Mayan Aquifer: Mexico to digitalize cenotes in Yucatán and Quintana Roo
The purpose of the Great Mayan Aquifer is to create reproductions available to the public and create virtual museums
Mexico recovers rare 500-year-old coins located in the U.S.
The coins are made of copper and belong to pre-Columbian cultures in Michoacán and Guerrero