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The Chimalli shield, an Aztec emblem of art
The complex elaboration process of the Cuexyo Chimalli included the breeding and hunting of birds used for their feathers by Aztec artists
Archeologists unveil the secrets of the Great Mayan Aquifer
Archeologist Guillermo de Anda, along with other researchers, presented the results from the exploration works that have been carried out as part of The Great Mayan Aquifer Project
The Guanajuato Mummies tour in Mexico
The mummies will begin their tour in the León’s State Fair in 2020
Mayan culture meets the digital world
Google, the British Museum, and Mexico’s INAH created a project to digitalize images and documents about the Mayan civilization
The hidden splendor of Mayan city X’baatún
Located in the southeastern Mexican state of Yucatán, X’baatún zealously guards a 37-meter-high pyramid, a ball game, a cenote and several structures
Rare Mexican feather work sold at Paris auction
The feather mosaic picture was made in Mexico during Colonial times for Christian conquerors and was purchased by Museé du Quai Branly in an auction held at Hotel Drouot in Paris
French auctioneer rejects Mexico’s request to halt pre-Columbian artifacts sale
Despite Mexico’s efforts to recover over 100 pre-Columbian artifacts from its cultural heritage, and its call to the French government to take action in the case, auction house Millon proceeded with the sale amassing EUR €1.2 million
Archeological Zone of Mixcoac reopens in Mexico City
The site was discovered in 1916 thanks to a map used by the Spanish during the Conquest to locate destroyed places
Mexico still in debt with Honduran cultural heritage
Honduras is still waiting to recover a stolen jade breastplate lent to Mexico 20 years ago
Archeological looting in Mexico
During the last decade, the FGR has seized over 600 archeological vestiges and historical monuments stolen by national and transnational criminal organizations