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Archeologists find burial site at ex-convent of San Agustín in Mexico City
A group of INAH archeologists found evidence of modifications made to the San Agustín temple
Archeologists plumb Gulf of Mexico in search of Cortés’ sunken ships
Last May, the expedition found an European anchor dating back to the 15th century in Veracruz
New findings show Maya elite resided in pre-Hispanic Teotihuacán
Members of the Maya elite participated in major events taking place in the ancient city of Teotihuacán
Kulubá Maya ruins are being restored to their ancient splendor
Each building shows elements of the cosmovision, ideology, and religion shared with the ancient inhabitants of Ek Balam
Mammoth remains found in Puebla, Mexico
The fossil remains of what is presumed to be a mammoth were found in the Puebla municipality
Aztec allies ritually disfigured captured Spaniards’ remains
New research suggests an Aztec-allied town ceremonially disfigured the bodies of captive Spaniards
15th century Spanish anchor found off the coast of Veracruz
The iron anchor’s shank is 2.59 meters long and both of its arms were kept in good conditions
Yale University returns ancient Maya steale to Mexico
The piece, an ancient Maya steale, was delivered to the Mexican consulate in New York
Ancient Maya cave art found in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula
Cave paintings and a petroglyph were discovered in the jungle of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula
U.S. returns two Teotihuacan archeological pieces to Mexico
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has just returned two archeological pieces to Mexico