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The Cave of the Stalagmite Temple, part of an underground network of archeological sites in Quintana Roo
There are over 150 caves in the area that contain some kind of archeological vestige
Prehistoric skeleton found in Mexico questions everything we know about the early settlement of the Americas
The skeleton was discovered near the city of Tulúm, inside the Chan Hol cave
La Merced, Mexico City’s box of archeological surprises
Mexico's INAH has performed archeological rescue works in La Merced
Pre-Columbian temazcal found in La Merced
The discovery has allowed the location of the Temazcaltitlán borough, one of the most ancient ones in Tenochtitlán
Mexico recovers archeological pieces located in Germany
The three archeological pieces belong to different times and Mesoamerican cultures
Archeological vestiges found in Azcapotzalco
The architectonic elements discovered were part of a major residential borough
The Mixtec Art of War: unveiling military ideology in pre-Columbian cultures
According to chronicles and codices, the Mixtec culture had military strategies similar to those presented in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
Mexico to withhold information on archeological findings in the Santa Lucía Airport
Since 1956, studies have shown the Santa Lucía area is rich in fossils and archeological vestiges
500-years-old gold bar found in Mexico City was part of Moctezuma’s treasure|
The bar was originally discovered in 1981 during a construction project in downtown Mexico City
Mexico returns archeological artifacts to Peru
The INAH will be in charge of the return of Peru's 37 archeological pieces found in Mexico