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The story behind the mysterious 200-year-old shipwreck found in Quintana Roo
The vessel was named "Manuel Polanco" after the fisherman who first spotted it
Mexican archeologists discover 200-year-old shipwreck in Quintana Roo
The vessel was found on the Chinchorro Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve
Mexican archeologists discover trove of mammoth remains in Santa Lucía
The archeologists also found 15 pre-Columbian burials in the area
Mexican archeologists find ancient bonfires inside cenote in Quintana Roo
The bonfires were made by the first settlers of the Yucatán peninsula
Mexican archeologists bring ancient city back to life through virtual reconstruction
The Tingambato archeological site is located in Michoacán
Mexican archeologists use drones to explore hidden ancient cities in Michoacán
The Tingambato Archeological Site is built over two previous cities
Mexican archeologists uncover pre-Columbian village in Quintana Roo
The village belongs to the Postclassic period
Despite COVID-19, 4,000 Spring equinox enthusiasts visit Chichén Itzá
The legendary Mayan site is home to an amazing equinox phenomenon
Yoruba archeological piece Mexico returned to Nigeria is fake
On February 25, Mexico returned an allegedly ancient Ife sculpture to Nigeria