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Two out of three falls: A tour through the history of Lucha Libre
Lucha Libre is an international reference to Mexican culture. The sport and cultural expression is a mixture of sports and theater performances, which make it the most popular sport-show in Mexico
The world of Lucha Libre mourns the loss of its leading man
Francisco Alonso Lutteroth passed away at 65 on Saturday
Legendary Mexican wrestler dies at 73
The AAA, the World Wrestling Council, and many other wrestlers lamented his death
Silver King, pro wrestler and Nacho Libre actor, dies during show
The Mexican wrestler won championships in Mexico and Japan, he became widely popular after staring in the Nacho Libre film
Mexico to pay homage to wrestling
Wrestling is one of the most popular shows in the country
Female wrestlers fight violence against women
The show is part of a program to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of Women's Wrestling in Mexico and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
El Santo inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Legacy Wing
Along with wrestling legends such as Cora Combs, Rufis R. Jones, Boris Malenko, Stan "The Man" Staslak, Hiro Matsuda, Jim Londos, Spunik Monroe, and Dara Singh
He tweaked his initial act as a ladies man by adding his Trump flag and recasting himself as a typical U.S. Trump supporter