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Frida, the beloved rescue dog, retires
She made headlines after she aided in the rescue of earthquake victims in Mexico City in 2017
Mexico City: A disorganized construction
Mexico City's government abandoned social housing and low-income families
19S: How to keep your pets safe during an earthquake
Experts share their tips on how to take care of your pets during a natural disaster
Peña Nieto remembers the victims of the 1985 earthquake
Peña Nieto broke with protocol and approached the Civil Protection personnel and the rescuers who attended the ceremony that took place in the Plaza de la Constitución
Foreign countries help to rebuild Mexico
The Rome III University and the European Union will hold a Congress with analysis roundtables and study cases with experts on heritage issues in November
AMLO to spend MXN $ 45,000 million in direct aid to help those affected by the 2017 earthquakes
Andrés Manuel López Obrador's proposal is that every victim keeps an eye on the budget, expenses, and the reconstruction process
Lack of transparency reaches 19S earthquake victims
The location of MXN $2,767 million is unknown, and MXN $857.6 million are untraceable. Five grantors concentrate 38% of the resources
19S: Millions donated to the survivors are missing
A year after the September 19 earthquake, thousands of survivors haven't received help; they have been forced to protest and block highways to receive aid