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Did the PRD infiltrate the feminist protest?
Off the Record features fact-checked news written by journalists and contributors to EL UNIVERSAL
Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein found dead
The investigation will continue despite Epstein’s death
Sexual violence infests Mexico
In Mexico, 600,000 sexual offenses are committed every year; 9 out of 10 victims are women, and 40% are under the age of 15
Sex crimes are on the rise in Mexico
EL UNIVERSAL reveals that the reports denouncing sex crimes have increased in the last years
Sex video found; no bail for Naasón Joaquín García, leader of “La Luz del Mundo”
The leader of the church “La Luz del Mundo” was denied the right to bail based on his possible escape and the new evidence of a sex video featuring him and another accused with a teenager in a sexual trio
Migrants experience extortion, kidnappings, and rape in Mexico
The report concludes that “Mexico arguably has the most extensive migrant kidnapping and extortion problem globally”
Male teachers, main sexual aggressors in Mexico City’s universities
The lack of protocols, adequate norms, and re-victimization are some of the obstacles that victims of sexual aggressions face in universities when looking for justice
Mexican government won't release documents linked to Naasón Joaquín until 2024
The INBAL has refused to release the documents linked to the events organized by La Luz del Mundo church
Violence against women has increased in the last four months
According to the SESNSP, 1,182 women were murdered from January to April 2019
Mexican politicians linked to La Luz Del Mundo church leader
The church leader is accused of rape, human trafficking, and sexual abuse in the U.S.