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Blockade lifted at Peñasquito gold mine
Peñasquito mine, one of Newmont Goldcorp’s largest, has suffered on and off blockades in recent years, most recently linked to truckers and claims its operations have affected local water supplies
AMLO urges involved parties to resolve Peñasquito mine conflict
Operations at Peñasquito gold mine have been intermittent since March 2019
Negotiations to restart at Peñasquito mine if blockade lifted
After Zacatecas governor Alejandro Tello went to Peñasquito mine to negotiate its opening, settlers of Mazapil pointed out that the alleged lifting of the blockade was staged, for CAVA carriers had no intention of liberating the mine
Goldcorp pierde 700 mdd en producción
Los bloqueos de los manifestantes frenan la extracción de oro, plata y zinc
President Peña should intervene for Mexico to "recover its position in relation to other investment destinations in the hemisphere," the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico wrote on behalf of the miners
Gerente de Goldcorp dice que aunque transportistas prometieron liberar las instalaciones, nunca se retiraron del lugar
Protesters in Zacatecas said they have blocked access to the Peñasquito mining complex operated by Goldcorp.