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Van Gogh to visit Mexico
Van Gogh Alive is a multisensory experience that wants to change the way we interact with art through light, color, and sound
Child prodigy portrays Mexican culture
Mexican Osbelit García, who lives in Guerrero, wants to portray the essence of her community through brushstrokes and paint
Murals of “Godfather of Chicano art” to be restored in California
Chicano art is made by descendants of Mexican immigrants who established in the United States
33 missing paintings return to Los Pinos
The pieces of the collection “Presidencia de la República” were ordered by then-President Carlos Salinas de Gortari to 33 established painters and young promises
Art, paintings, and spoons are missing from Los Pinos
The new administration wasn't given an art catalog of the art pieces in Los Pinos
Her mural embellishes the Dragon Tiger Mountain, Jiangxi
Over 100,000 people have visited the largest collection of Mexican modern art in U.S. history so far, with thousands more expected to visit before it's final day this Sunday.
"This hung in a California home for 60 years," said Axel Stein, head of Latin American art at Sotheby's.
The exhibition will last for three months from February 3 through April 30.