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English 12/12/2018

Understanding & dialogue: the only path

The tension between the Union's powers grows every day, as a result of the disagreements between the Executive and Legislative branches and the Judicial branch because of the Federal Remunerations Law

English 11/12/2018

Mexico City: every voice counts

Over two decades ago, the then Federal District stooped being an extension of the federal government and for the first time, it held an election to choose its leader

English 09/12/2018

Bankrupt universities

The current government plans to build 100 public universities all over the country, “with degrees consistent with the needs of each region, to give quality and free education to 64,000 students”

English 05/12/2018

New government, old challenges

Claudia Sheinbaum takes office as Mexico City's mayor today; she is facing big challenges in regards to mobility, housing, environmental issues, among many others