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Over 40 bodies found in Sonora
The skeletons of 40 people and two recent corpses were discovered by officials and a searching group of mothers during searches for missing people near Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
Regresa el misterio de la youtuber Marina Joyce; la reportan desaparecida
Fue hace tres años cuando los internautas señalaban supuestas señales de auxilio de la joven, quien se mostraba pálida y asustada. Ahora es buscada por autoridades británicas
Mothers of missing sons and daughters march in Mexico City
Mothers marched on Reforma Avenue, calling on the Mexican government to take action
Will there be justice?
There are thousands of families who are suffering, who are demanding answers and actions from authorities but who had to search for their loved ones themselves
Miriam RodrÍguez was killed Wednesday night while at her home in the town of San Fernando in northern border state of Tamaulipas
The Coahuila state prosecutor's office announced in a statement that it would work with the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team to gain access to genetic databases in the region
Until now the families of the victims negotiate with criminals on their own to obtain information about their missing relatives.