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Mexican Senate grants social security rights to same-sex couples
Social welfare reforms for social protection rights were approved by a majority of 110 votes
Pensions for former Mexico presidents are officially over
The new law comes as part of the President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s austerity policy
Mexico in need of autonomous Anti-money Laundering Unit
A PAN senator has proposed to incorporate Mexico's UIF to the LFPIORPI to make it autonomous
Mexico lifts ban on Roku digital media players
Mexican users will be able to purchase Roku and Roku TV devices in just a few weeks
How outsourcing jobs have made an impact on formal employment in Mexico
Though outsourcing is regulated by Mexico's Federal Labor Law, there are still many legal loopholes
Supreme Court approves medicinal use of marijuana in Mexico
The Supreme Court of Mexico approved the use of marihuana and the concept of "death with dignity"
President Peña Nieto said drug use should be addressed as a "public health problem" and users should not be criminalized