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The Last Resource: Forsaken by the government,vigilantes train children to fight Mexican drug cartels
For long, the Rincón de Chautla community in Guerrero has been trying to get assistance by the Mexican government to no success
Vigilante group trains and arms children to protect themselves against criminal groups in Guerrero, Mexico
Criminals target the vigilante’s wives and children in retaliation, which is why several children are learning to use weapons
Mexican children are being robbed of their infancy and innocence
The country is a place where the promises made during electoral campaigns are forgotten and where the reorganization of security forces is useless
Indigenous basketball team triumphs in Las Vegas
Despite the lack of support from governments, the children have succeeded in international competitions
Mexican students conquer the International Mathematical Olympiad
The Mexican team attended the International Mathematical Olympiad in London
Mexican children changing the world through science
In Michoacán, 12-year-old Jairo decided to make an anti-graffiti coating using cacti mucus
Mexico ignores children's rights
The study is based on information provided by the Unicef, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, and the United Nations Development Program
Mexican children face a grim future
There are thousands of children who are experiencing insecurity, sexual abuse or are the victims of human trafficking