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Mexico’s gender violence alerts: assessment and funding misuse
Mexico’s Interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero stressed the importance to assess the actions taken to fight violence against women to ensure the efficiency of the national program
The victims of femicide deserve justice
Femicides start to multiply when authorities don't have the faculty to reclassify the crimes
Orphans, the collateral victims of femicide
At least 10 women are murdered every day in Mexico. The tragedy is not limited to the victims for their children face an uncertain psychological future
The gruesome case of "The Tacuba Strangler"
Serial killer Gregorio Cárdenas Hernández spent 34 years in Lecumberri prison for the murder of four young women
Sorority: Mexican women are protecting each other
Since Mexican women can't trust the police, they are looking after each other
Escorts murders linked to human trafficking mafias
In the first semester of 2019, there have been four femicides of South American escorts and models, revealing conflicts between Colombian and Venezuelan traffickers in Mexico
Sex crimes and femicide force Mexican women to take the streets
Let's not forget the central issue: reiterated physical attacks and sexual abuse against women
Sex crimes are on the rise in Mexico
EL UNIVERSAL reveals that the reports denouncing sex crimes have increased in the last years
The invisibility of women displaced by violence
Forced displacement due to family violence is rarely acknowledged by the government; shelters managed by the civil society are the only option for the thousands of women escaping their aggressors
Mexican women feel more at risk than men
Mexico seems to be a hostile country for women