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The environmental impact of the Maya civilization
Due to the agricultural systems they used, the Maya could have had a direct impact in the emission greenhouse gases into the air
Indigenous communities against Santa Lucía
Communities from the municipality of Tecámac are afraid of losing part of their territory, suffering from a water collapse, and other affectations to their daily life due to the project of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
ASEA approves Dos Bocas refinery, with environmental conditions
ASEA approved the project after reviewing a report prepared by Pemex that offered a mostly positive environmental assessment of the refinery’s construction despite predicting a severe impact on air quality
Will the ASEA say no to President López Obrador?
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Turtle hatchlings die due to sargassum in Tulum
Almost one hundred hatchlings got caught in piles of accumulated rock-like macro-algae in beaches of the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’án in Quintana Roo
SEMARNAT granted operating license to Santa Lucía Airport
The license has an effect of 50 years for the operation and maintenance of the facilities
Mexican Tribunal halts the construction of the Santa Lucía Airport
The suspension was granted to Juan Ramón Morera Mitre, the director of Novalan
Mexico destroys mangroves and risks wildlife to build new refinery
Paraíso’s oyster fishermen fear the refinery might harm the Mecoacan lagoon just a few miles from the refinery site, and their main source of subsistence for several generations