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Low wages increase the need of additional jobs
Over half of subordinate workers in the country earn, in the best scenario, up to MXN $6,161 per month
Mexico expects job growth in 2019
According to a survey, 14% of contractors are expected to increase their workforce in early 2019
AMLO asks 50,000 youngsters to join the armed forces
The President-elect said that the resources to hire these 50,000 elements will come from the savings made after fighting corruption and from his austerity plan
Youth: agents of change
Andrés Manuel López Obrador has only said that he will give economic support to those who don't work or study
How outsourcing jobs have made an impact on formal employment in Mexico
Though outsourcing is regulated by Mexico's Federal Labor Law, there are still many legal loopholes
There are now 20 million people with formal employment in Mexico
Around 3.8 million jobs were created during Mexico's current administration, according to IMSS
In the last quarter of 2017, there were a total of 30.2 million employed in informal economic activities
Career fair in Mexico for the disabled
Disabled people have to take advantage of their potential to apply for jobs at different companies and compete with their skills and capabilities, not only be considered for their physical condition
The offer will be open to about 15,300 workers, including 9,600 in the U.S., 1,000 in Mexico, 600 in Canada and 4,141 in Asia