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Facebook unveils cryptocurrency Libra
The Libra announcement comes as Facebook is grappling with public backlash due to a series of scandals, and may face opposition from privacy advocates, consumer groups, regulators, and lawmakers
Bitcoin rally cheers crypto market investors, others wary
Bitcoin hit its highest level in 10 months, raising hopes among cryptocurrency enthusiasts of greater mainstream acceptance as an escalating U.S.-China trade war roiled global markets, but others urged caution
Crypto bear market threatens to last as potential token supply weighs
Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, has dropped more than 80 percent since hitting an all-time high of nearly USD$20,000 in December 2017
Blockchain will finally make itself useful in 2019
In early 2019, Luxembourg banks are expected to start using software from startup Cambridge Blockchain to manage know-your-customer regulatory compliance
Organized cybercrime increases in Mexico
Europol: Mexico showed the largest number of cyber-attacks in Latin America after Brazil
Bitcoin crashes to lowest this year and it keeps plunging
Bitcoin slumped on Tuesday to its lowest this year, tumbling as much as 10% to breach USD$4,300 and taking losses in the world’s best-known digital coin to 25% within a week
Mexico will regulate cryptocurrency and digital wallets
Banxico has released the rules that digital equity companies must follow, as part of its fintech law
Brazil tops the list of cryptocurrency exchange systems, Argentina ranks first for cryptocurrency companies, and Mexico is the leader in cryptocurrency exchange trading in Latin America