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Tlatelolco Massacre included in Mexico's new textbooks
Textbooks for students of fifth grade will break the silence regarding the student movement of 1968
Roma and Condesa restaurants to commemorate 19S
The Roma and Condesa neighborhoods will offer free food tastings to commemorate last year's earthquake
Mexico company BiomiTech designs microalgae system for air cleaning
These air cleaning systems reproduce the photosynthetic process to clean the air of heavy pollutants
Fun facts about the Mexican Tlacuache
The tlacuache is a marsupial that is mostly found scavenging through trash in people's back yards
IPN students develop app to translate sign language
Students from the Polytechnic Institute have developed a smartphone app to learn sign language in Mexico
Mexican company sells biodegradable cups made of corn starch
Carlos Camacho's company Ecoshell makes disposable and biodegradable products out of corn starch
Mexico: The whale shark’s favorite place
Most whale sharks can be found in Mexico at the Caribbean Sea, 11 miles northeast of Isla Mujeres
Fishing net in Oaxaca kills 350 endangered sea turtles
The finding happened yesterday morning. PROFEPA opened an investigation to identify those responsible
Not enough geriatricians for the elderly in Mexico
There are over 12 million people above the age of 60 in Mexico and only 550 geriatricians
Tasting sustainability
The hospitality industry generates garbage and waste on a daily basis, however, each day it is more common to find new sustainable and responsible restaurants that care for the environment