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Photographer Erick Castillo murdered in Acapulco
On Thursday, Erick Castillo Sánchez was shot dead in Acapulco Guerrero during an alleged attempted robbery
Mexico and the world need the free press
In the last decade, dozens of journalists have been murdered in Mexico
U.N. urges Mexico to protect journalists and activists
At least 11 reporters and 13 human rights activists have been murdered in 2019
Mexican journalist Nevith Condes Jaramillo found dead
Mexico is the most dangerous country for journalists in the Western Hemisphere
More journalists are murdered in Mexico than in Afghanistan
Mexico has registered the largest number of journalists killed for quite some time
Jorge Celestino Ruíz Vázquez murdered in Veracruz
Jorge Celestino Ruíz Vázquez, a reporter at the Grafico de Xalapa newspaper in Veracruz’s capital, died in spite of procedures in place to protect him
Journalist Edgar Nava murdered in Guerrero
Mexican journalist Edgar Nava was shot and killed by an armed group
Journalist Rogelio Barragán found dead in Morelos
The body of Mexican journalist Rogelio Barragán showed signs of torture
Journalist Norma Sarabia was murdered in Mexico
Norma Sarabia, a Mexican journalist, was murdered today
Journalist Francisco Romero killed in Playa del Carmen
Romero had reported threats against him and recently posted a video saying he had been kidnapped, blindfolded and beaten by unidentified assailants