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Radio host murdered in Mexico
He was the second journalist murdered this year
Journalist murdered in Baja California Sur
Rafael Murúa is the first journalist murdered in Mexico in 2019
Mexico: The second deadliest country for journalists
At least 11 journalists were murdered in Mexico last year, according to the annual report of the IFJ
Another journalist murdered in Mexico
Besides his work as a reporter, Máquez Jiménez was a city councilor candidate to the Tuxpan municipality in the June 2017 election
Communicator Gabriel Soriano is murdered in Acapulco
During Astudillo Flores' government, two reporters and two communicators have been murdered
Another journalist murdered in Chiapas
Two journalists have been murdered in Chiapas in less than two months, but the state where most of these crimes take place is Quinta Roo
Mexican journalist murdered outside his home
Eleven journalists were killed in Mexico in 2017, and in 2016