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Documents regarding the bomb sent to a Mexican senator will remain sealed for the next five years
Hernández has a progressive agenda that includes the decriminalization of abortion
Femicides and violence against women increase amid the pandemic 
The federal government has dismissed the alarming information released by NGOs
Mexican blogger Yuya is threatened by “rapper” whose songs detail how to murder a woman
The disturbing lyrics glorify femicide and violence against women
Abril Pérez was murdered while Mexicans complained about feminist protests
The main suspect behind her death is her ex-husband, Juan Carlos García, a former Amazon México CEO
The COVID-19 pandemic could exacerbate domestic violence
Gender-based violence and domestic violence prevail in Mexico
EL UNIVERSAL’s 104 Women Leaders Forum brought together outstanding women from various fields
Not all Mexican women could afford to join the national strike
In a poverty and femicide stricken suburb, not all women were able to join a national strike
Mexican women empower themselves through strikes and protests
Yesterday, thousands of women withdrew from public life in order to simulate their enforced disappearance