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Young women targeted by criminals in city's Metro
After 15 victims filed complaints, Mexico City's authorities have identified the modus operandi of the criminals
Femicide, unresolved and urgent task for the new Mexican government
A series of kidnap attempts in the vast subway system of Mexico City have caused alarm among women this year, in a country where nine femicides are perpetrated every day
Women face kidnap attempts in Mexico City's Metro
The city's Investigation Police is looking for men who have allegedly tried to kidnap women inside and outside Mexico City's Metro
Enforced disappearance, Mexico's worst tragedy
Enforced disappearance became part of the official discourse as a result of the pressure that society exerted on the government and after events such as Ayotzinapa
Sexual harassment and attempted kidnaps in Mexico City's Metro
Mexican women have been sharing their harrowing experiences in Mexico City's subway system on social media
Mexican women won't be silent
Mexico City's government can't act like it has been acting the past years, especially in regards to kidnap attempts of women in public transport and other public places
MC might take Noé Castañón under its wing
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Mexico City fights femicide with technology
A 2018 poll by the Thomson Reuters Foundation ranked Mexico City's metro as the most dangerous transport system for women
Lydia Cacho, the journalist fighting child abuse and human trafficking
Mexico's government publicly apologized to journalist and activist Lydia Cacho Ribeiro, who was criminalized for exercising her right to freedom of speech
Mexican government, guilty of rape and torture against women in Atenco
The court blamed the Texcoco and San Salvador Atenco municipal police forces, the State of Mexico police, and the Federal police for the events that took place in San Salvador Atenco, Texcoco in 2006