26 | JUN | 2019
Youth: agents of change
Education and job opportunities are necessary to fight violence - Photo: Ariel Ojeda/EL UNIVERSAL

Youth: agents of change

Mexico City
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Andrés Manuel López Obrador has only said that he will give economic support to those who don't work or study

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Paradoxically, today Mexico has, as never before, an enormous demographic bonus with which it could spark off national development.

Nevertheless, the lack of capacity in public universities, the shortage of job opportunities, and especially as a result of the violence that has struck the country, as well as millions of young people who don't work or study; their talent and potential are wasted, and their personal development decreases, and along with this, the country's development as well.

The large violence and crime phenomenon that has spilled throughout the country and marks everyday life, and the (under)development of these regions, means, sadly, one of the main burdens for the personal and professional emancipation of our youth, and an obstacle for their full, free, and fearless development.

Clearly, violence affects the progress of national economy in general and affects every sector in society, but youth is affected the most as, among other things, they face a job market that offers no options, and they can potentially join criminal groups.

Insecurity is a problem the youth faces every day, in the communities they live in. According to the National Victimization and Public Security Perception Survey (Envipe), carried out by the Inegi, in 2017, 8,312,720 young people between 18 and 29, were victims of a crime, that is, one out of three members of this group.

Therefore, now that a new federal administration is about to take office, which by the way too the youth's development as one of their main proposals to fight violence, it has become urgent to consider how to break with the vicious cycle of the lack of opportunities, insecurity, violence, and crime.

In that regard, the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has only said that he will give economic support to those who don't work or study, and that job placement programs will be created, as well as the creation of several universities. Although commendable, these proposals are not detailed, will be insufficient if they don't go hand in hand with education for peace and youth's participation in the creation of strategies.

It's a fact that in order to drive development in our youth, and the whole country's, peace is needed. And to achieve that, it will be fundamental that the youth get involved in these issues, as agents of change, as only they could break with the violence vicious cycle we find ourselves in.


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