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Margarita Zavala - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Where is Margarita?

Mexico City
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Where is Margarita?

Several raised eyebrows and puzzlement has caused the silence of independent aspiring presidential candidate Margarita Zavala in the case of her rival of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), Ricardo Anaya, who used a triangulation real estate fraud  – documented in the weekly newspaper Proceso. We've been told she has stepped aside and that her husband, Felipe Calderón, was the one who had to go out and criticise Mr. Ricky's operation that, similarly to the case of his assets published by this newspaper, is, at the very least, suspicious. It's a “gift”, our sources say, for Mrs. Margarita and she's letting it go, just like she did the first time when Anaya asked her not to discuss his assets. Zavala is the one who wants her name on the ballot but the one doing the talking is Mr. Felipe. Where is Mrs. Margarita, politically speaking?

Whatever happened to the famous “3 out of 3”?

The Ministry of Public Administration and the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI) are waiting for the Citizen Participation Committee of the National Anti-Corruption System to submit the formats all public servants will have to fill in to declare their taxes, potential conflicts of interest, and assets. You might remember that the famous Ley 3 de3 (Law 3 out of 3) was one of the demands of civil society included in the Federal Law of Administrative Responsibilities of Public Servants, and the Citizen Participation Committee had a year to finish these forms. We're told it's highly likely that these will be presented in the upcoming session of the System, once Mariclaire Acosta becomes the new president of the Citizen Participation Committee. Otherwise, our sources say, they cannot explain why they have taken so long in one of the key tools in the fight against corruption.

Peña Nieto, the year of the farewell

At noon this Monday, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto led, for the last time as Head of State, the ceremony for the anniversary of the Mexican Constitution. To the historic Theater of the Republic, in Querétaro, arrived the members of the President's cabinet, the presidents of the Supreme Court, the Senate, and the Chamber of Deputies, and most of the Governors regardless of political party allegiance to celebrate the 101 years of the Magna Carta. This is the first event of the civil calendar our President presides for the last time, in the so-called year of his farewell.

Pre-war in Puebla

Opposition forces in Puebla, according to our sources, are trying to get the electoral authorities to put the local office of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) under the microscope for alleged irregularities in the pre-campaign of Martha Erika Alonso. We're told Puebla's public transport system has been filled with propaganda of the wife of former Governor Rafael Moreno Valle. We're told the opposition has all the proof needed and that they will file a lawsuit before the electoral authorities. Thus, this pre-war during pre-campaign times only hints at what may happen during the actual campaign. Everybody, take cover!


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