A weapon against violence

Years go by and crime increases more and more, while the ones who suffer the most are the most vulnerable Mexicans

A weapon against violence
Violence has increased exponentially in Mexico - Photo: Ulises Ruíz/AFP
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Violence is an open wound in the heart of our country. It's a calamity that affects thousands of people every day, in the regions where law enforcement is no longer a priority. Meanwhile, the deaths caused by organized crime have intensified in time and they are on the rise in official records.

Since the federal government declared the war against organized crime in 2007, the number of intentional homicides have risen; this way, until then, 2011 became the bloodiest year registered. A year later, the government change didn't improve the situation. Despite the institutional efforts and with a change in the security strategy, 2017 became the bloodiest year in Mexican history.

The fight for the pacification of our country has been constant and unsuccessful, as the long journey to reduce violence was launched by the Mexican government years ago and the results haven't been positive. Organized crime doesn’t understand political timing as violence is still there and those groups impose their laws in large parts of the country.

Force was the main weapon used to fight criminal groups, and technology and intelligence were neglected. For example, in the arrest of drug lords, investigations carried out by the DEA were also key.

The consolidation of databases, as well as the optimum coordination between federal and local authorities, would have the same importance, or even more, as using police or military forces.

In the current government, there are plans to focus on intelligence and technology in the fight against insecurity. The intelligence work can contribute to the necessary elements to carry out actions against criminal groups, the main cause of violence in the country, in a surgical way.

Recovering and strengthening this tool can offer certainty to the government, to prevent violence to be fought with more violence, according to López Obrador. It would be a sensible, as technology and investigation should have always been the core to fight crime.

The country needs peace. Years go by and crime increases more and more, while the ones who suffer the most are the most vulnerable Mexicans. This is just the first step of many needed to reach this goal.


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