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Sports journalist murdered in Mexico
Several other journalists has been murdered in 2019 alone, and dozens of them have been murdered in Mexico in the last decade
Mexican authorities rescue 107 Central American migrants
Unidentified gunmen began shooting at police to prevent the rescue
Mexico creates the majority of new illegal drugs
Mexico and other 13 Latin American countries are facing the appearance of new drugs
No justice for infant femicide in Mexico
In late 2018 and early 2019, an outbreak of deaths and attacks against girls has taken over the State of Mexico
Mexico steps up efforts in fighting money laundering
FATF's last meeting led to the implementation of standards that will be applied in Mexico by July
Mexican government to look into ‘failing’ anti-trafficking strategy
Mexico’s new government, led by President López Obrador, will focus on providing better support for victims
Mexico aims to limit cash payments and boost digital transactions
The Mexican government will implement new rules that would require all its payments and collections to be processed electronically
African migrants await permits to cross Mexico-U.S. border
Around 1,000 migrants from Africa, Haiti, and Asia handed themselves over to Mexico's Migration Institute (INM)
Mexico to use $15 billion fund to pay Pemex debt
The finance ministry is working on a new design for the fund to make it counter cyclical, deputy minister Arturo Herrera said
U.S. expands return of asylum seekers to Mexico to new ports of entry
The U.S. has so far returned more than 240 asylum seekers since starting the program in January
How Colombian extortionists operate in Mexico
“Drop-by-drop” extortionists are known to operate in the states of Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Puebla, Morelos, and Mexico City
Yalitza Aparicio teams up with the UN to fight racism
The actress, who is an Indigenous woman, has been constantly mocked and attacked by social media users and Mexican actors
Yo-Yo Ma brings Bach to Mexico
English The musician wants to share Bach's music with society, and explore how culture connects people
Mexico hosts the largest tequila tasting in the world
English The tasting was guided by expert Jaime Villalobos Díaz, who explained how to evaluate tequila
Traditional Mexican food, the key to a healthy life
English The World Diabetes Foundation supports Mexico to fight diabetes by investing USD $4.2 million
English Timberland's pop-up store will seek to promote social and environmental responsibility in Mexico
Mexican students create healthy instant soup
English Daniel Sánchez and Rafael Álvarez avoided using noodles, refined flour, and pasta
Ireland offers Mexicans higher education opportunities
English Education in Ireland offers programs for applicants to study undergraduate and postgraduate degrees
Netflix to launch Mexican film 'A Tale of Two Kitchens'
English The 30 minute documentary is part of the Río Grande, Río Bravo project, co-produced by Gael García
UNAM campus celebrates 65th anniversary
English Ciudad Universitaria is recognized as a landmark of urban and architectonic development
Mexican diplomat among top 100 influential people in climate policy
English Patricia Espinosa is the executive secretary of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change
Social media users mock foreigners who criticized Mexican candy
English Meanwhile, candy connoisseurs will keep on enjoying this Mexican delicacy
The 7 deadliest animals in Mexico
English The deadliest animals in Mexico include two types of snakes, two spider species, and a lizard
10 Mexican poets everyone should read
English Today, we bring you a list of 10 Mexican poets you should include in your personal library
Yo-Yo Ma brings Bach to Mexico
English The musician wants to share Bach's music with society, and explore how music connects different cultures
Even though Mueller’s findings on obstruction of justice were inconclusive, U.S. Attorney General William Barr said that Mueller’s team had not found enough proof to warrant bringing charges against Trump
The federal government has to press and demand the states to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem