A trial for Anaya

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Ricardo Anaya, national leader of the PAN - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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A trial for Anaya 

Despite the fast pace with which the Fourteenth Courthouse of the District on civil right of rebuttal issued their resolution – the evidence hearing took place on October 23 at 15:00 hours and the court had a ruling by October 24 at 9:00, 186-page report and all –, the national leader of the National Action Party (PAN) Ricardo Anaya didn't manage to refute the information on his and his family's estate. The judge found there were “inaccuracies”, not falsehood, in the journalistic investigation regarding the amount of the family's wealth, which is even more considerable than the one documented in our newspaper. Certainly, EL UNIVERSAL disagrees with the content of the resolution and will bring the matter before a Unitary Court to appeal it. Just like the PAN senator Javier Lozano posted on his Twitter account to his national leader regarding the wording of the ruling, “it doesn't acquit you from your estate situation.”

The secret of Santiago

Some senators who wholeheartedly supported the reinstatement of Santiago Nieto as the head of the Specialized Attorney's Office against Electoral Crimes (FEPADE), frowned their brows after watching the interview Mr. Santiago gave Wednesday morning to journalist Carlos Loret. What did he say? Nieto denied having told a newspaper that Emilio Lozoya tried to pressure him on the Odebrecht case, and that the journalist published “considerations which were irrelevant to what I had said.” After this interview, several legislators from several political parties began to wonder: why didn't he clarify the matter on the day the article was published? Was it out of respect to the freedom of speech of the press, like Nieto claimed? Was it an omission? In the end, what matters is that if Nieto will be reinstated under the condition he doesn't “retaliate” against the parties of the senators who vote for his destitution. Uh-oh.

No one shoots his own foot at the Senate

Yesterday afternoon, the president of the Treasury Commission of the Senate, Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) member José Yunes, opened the work meeting with a study of the meeting minutes on the decree project for the 2018 Income Law, and there were some who remembered that any drunk knows better than to shoot himself in the foot. National Action Party (PAN) members, supporters of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) members – who the day before had been absent from the first meeting – were now there, prim and proper, ready to ask questions to the Undersecretary of the Treasury, Vanessa Rubio, and the Undersecretary of Income, Miguel Messmacher. It's worth stressing out both officials were at the Higher Chamber this Tuesday, when the opposition took over the Plenary Session and refused to keep discussing the matter – fundamental for the economic package and on which not only the operation of the three Government level depends, but also the productive body and image of Mexico in the financial world. Money is money.

Pablo Gómez challenges the PRD

We've been told Pablo Gómez has sent a letter to the Jurisdiction Commission of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) to defend himself from the punishment process against him. Our sources say Mr. Pablo has challenged the party to either penalize him or remove him his membership for supporting Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) for 2018. In the document, they claim, Mr. Pablo states the suspension of his rights is unjustified and unlawful, reason why he sees it as a retaliation of the difference of political opinions within the PRD. For the PRD, the support of a member of another political party, contending against the Democratic Revolution party, is reason enough for Mr. Pablo to leave their ranks.


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