Tlatlaya case haunts General

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Tlatlaya case haunts General
The Tlatlaya case involves the army killing civilians - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Tlatlaya case haunts General

Brigadier-General José Luis Sánchez León, who was in a hierarchical position when the Tlatlaya case took place in the State of Mexico, in 2014, wasn't promoted to Major General due to the intervention of a former guerrilla member. The Technical Secretary of the National Defense Commission in the Senate, Saúl López Sollano, a guerrilla member during the 70s, stopped the promotion and proposed a draft opinion that excluded José Luis Sánchez from the promotions granted by President Peña Nieto to 187 soldiers. Let's not forget that López Sollano was named as Technical Secretary by Senator Félix Salgado Macedonio, the Commission's president. Therefore, today the Senate will only ratify 186 promotions add there is no way for President Peña Nieto to promote Sánchez León. The power of the presidential signature and that of the National Defense Secretary, Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, was useless in this case.

AMLO and his coldness towards the Federal Police

Yesterday a mystery was solved. Some members of the current government were surprised with the coldness with which the new government treated the Federal Police. Now they know what the President-elect thinks about the corporation, yesterday he said it loud and clear: a force that “hasn't consolidated, has a lack of professionalism and integrity.” And although Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that there were some “admirable exceptions”, he explained that the corporations has 40,000 members, but that half of them carry out administrative tasks, and that that, along with the issue of professionalism and integrity, doesn't make it a real option to fight crime by itself. Is the coldness clear now?

El Chapo has more allegations

Don't be surprised if you read about an interview with the alleged daughter of El Chapo. We've been told that as part of a strategy, the woman has reached out to several media outlets, with the purpose to tell her story, and this time, it will be about the chancellor Luis Videgaray. We're told that Luis Videgaray was the one who approved El Chapo's extradition to the U.S. because the law established that the Ministry of External Affairs is the one that resolves the extradition proceedings of criminals wanted in other countries. They claim that the way started by El Chapo's lawyer will last throughout the whole trial.

The PRD is in trouble

Although the PRD's national leadership is trying to minimize the dissent, the party's leadership is in trouble. Yesterday, seven members from the National Executive Committee (CEN), leaders, and former legislators from all fractions announced the integration of an “Alternative Block” that will oppose the path that looks to give the party a Social Democrat face. That group has already started an internal objection against the 15th National Congress, that was taking place this weekend, and announced that if necessary, it will go to the Electoral Tribunal. Let's not forget that that Tribunal has been benevolent and has overlooked some maneuvers they have carried out not to renovate their internal organisms, but this party has informed the Tribunal, now they are going to comply and carry out an internal election. So it has to comply, or it would be the third time it cheats the magistrates.

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