Mexico City subway collapses

The service has worsened, users usually complain about its slowness and the crowds, as well as insecurity

Mexico City subway collapses
Mexico City inhabitants rely on the metro - Photo: Cristopher Rogel Blanquet/EL UNIVERSAL
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In Mexico City, 0.08% of the territory, over 10 million people interact every day. Offering transport to this number of people is a huge challenge.

Almost 50 years ago, the subway was chosen as the trunk system; nevertheless, since the beginning of this century, the use of private cars was promoted by building express and elevated roads; on the contrary, the growth of the subway lines decreased. Despite this, an average of 4.4 million people used it every day in 2015.

The service has worsened, users usually complain about its slowness and the crowds, as well as insecurity.

The deterioration and neglect situation is not unknown and unfortunately, it's not new. The last tariff increase, existing since December 2013, when tickets went from MXN $3 to MXN $5, and the increase was justified with the argument that the service would improve. 11 commitments were established, but most of them haven't been fulfilled.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the Metro's general director acknowledges the backwardness and, even worse, the obsolesce of certain lines. He explains that MXN $30,000 million are required to reinforce and modernize the underground system.

The main means of transport for over 4 million people hasn't received adequate maintenance in the last five years. The deterioration is evident during any time of day, but it doesn't seem to be worry authorities.

Street vending, floods, and short circuits are other issues faced every day. A few days ago, the Line 2, that goes from Cuatro Caminos to Tasqueña, suspended its operations. on two different occasions, on 10 from its 24 stations due to electrical failures.

Not giving the services the proper maintenance generates high costs, which are paid for by the users. Firstly, with a deficient transport, and secondly, with money, as the resources to rehabilitate the trains always come from public funds.

One of the main issues in Mexico City is mobility. The subway can be a viable option if it was a quality service. The users could even be willing to pay a higher tariff of they saw it reflected on its efficiency.

Mexico City's inhabitants don't deserve the neglect their main means of transport is subjected to. In this, as well as in regards to other matters, the authorities are the responsible ones.


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