Swedish audiobook company to launch in Mexico

Mexico is the biggest Spanish-speakers' market, with 120 million inhabitants

Swedish audiobook company to launch in Mexico
The Storytel app – Photo: Taken from Storytel ES' Facebook account
English 27/08/2018 12:36 Yanet Aguilar Sosa Mexico City Actualizada 12:38
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Storytel, the Swedish audiobook company taking the audiobook industry by storm, is launching in Mexico later this year.

Some say that there's an audiobook boom in the world; for others, it's another way to tell stories and see great potential in it; there are others who are more reserved and say that “a book is a printed book”. Nevertheless, since October 2017, in Spain and during 2018 in Mexico and Latin America, audiobooks have begun to attract readers through Storytel, which was created 13 years ago. Its business model is similar to Netflix; through a monthly subscription that currently offers over 2,000 titles in Spanish, 40% of which are recorded in Latin-American Spanish and there are 35,000 titles in English.

“Storytel will launch in Mexico at the end of this year, and there will be a Mexican app, where users will find content in Latin-American Spanish. The editorial policy is that if the book takes place in Latin America, it will be recorded in Latin-American Spanish; and if it takes place in Spain, it will be recorded with a Spanish accent”, said Javier Celaya, Storytel's Operative Director.

Conquering the market

The Swedish company already has books from Mexican publishing houses in its catalogs, such as Almadía, Malpaso, Cidcli, Jus, Arlequín, and Lince, as well as international editorials like Planeta, Penguin Random House, and SM. The company will enter the market by the end of the year, but it is already recording material in Mexico, with Mexican voice actresses and actors.

Storyrtel is venturing into the Mexican market after a market research that shows that the physical book mobility is similar to Spain, as well as the reading average.

They have five very clear reasons for investing in Mexico: it's the country with the biggest number of Spanish-speakers in the world, 120 million Mexicans; it's an entrance to Latin America and close to the US; the Netflix business model is a huge success; mobile phones have a huge permeation; it's the main audiobook market in Latin America.

The reading average among Hispanics is 1.9 books a year; the audiobooks that last between 7 and 10 hours are the most successful; the most popular categories are novels: thrillers, suspense, and crime, as well ass self-help and wellness books, and non-fiction essays.

“All these facts showed that Mexico was ready for audiobooks. It is believed that the market will develop in three to five years and that 30% of the editorials' digital sales will be audiobooks”, says Celaya.


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