Serrano is leaving the PRD

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Serrano is leaving the PRD
Héctor Serrano - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Serrano is leaving the PRD

If nothing changes, the federal congressman, Héctor Serrano, will quit the PRD after 15 years in the party. Mr. Héctor, we've been told, will stay in the PRD's bench but as an outsider. The party that is going through a serious crisis after their electoral loss this year. Serrano, you might remember, was the Secretary of Government and Mobility during Miguel Ángel Mancera's administration as Mexico City's mayor, and is now the leader of the Progressive Vanguard current in the party. His departure is another one in a long list of people who have left the party. Is there a future for the PRD?

How empty are the PRD's coffers?

In the midst of the fight between the leaders of the PRD that want to liquidate the party's union, the union leaders revealed that the finance area is lying to the authorities or the council and the PRD congresses. According to Manuel Cifuentes, the PRD's Finance Secretary, the financial situation is solved, no debts, credits, pending payments to the Ministry of Finance or anything that puts the party's economic situation at risk. But the PRD filed a lawsuit to end the employment relation with all its workers, before the Local Conciliation and Arbitration Board (JLCyA), and argued that they don't have the resources to pay the unionized personnel's payroll, that they owe taxes to the Ministry of Finances and Mexico City's government, as well as IMSS and Fonacot payments since 2015! Who is lying? If they owe payments to the IMSS and Fonacot, where is the money directly deducted from the employees' check for those institutions and taxes?

Morena's priorities

As we said last week, the lawmakers will continue with the approbation of more bills to make room for the President-elect's government, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. We've been told that San Lázaro's inhabitants will stay up late again, as they're looking to approve an initiative to presented by Morena's lawmakers, led by Mario Delgado, to terminate the exemptions, "fuero", for all public servants, including the President. At the same time, they are looking to change the colors of the presidential sash, so it is green, white, and red. All this must be ready by December 1.

Troubled waters at Morena

Morena's national overwhelming force will pay off with the quick approval of constitutional changes, meanwhile, in Mexico City's Congress, Morena's majority could end the battle generated by the departure of its coordinator, Alejandro Encinas Rodríguez, who's joining the federal government. We've been told that the fight for his throne is nearing its end, with an election from the vice-coordinator, Eduardo Santillán Pérez, although we'll have to wait, it seems like they already know who will take the position.