Security: Pressing matters

It was announced that AMLO's administration is planning to call for 50,000 young people to join the army, marine forces, and the federal police

Security: Pressing matters
Mexican Armed Forces- Photo: Omar Contreras/EL UNIVERSAL
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In regards to security, the role of federal forces in public safety tasks, police forces as well as the military, can barely be questioned. Criminal groups haven't expanded even more due to its response capacity. Although for many years, the accusations of human rights violations carried out by the army were common, they have currently decreased, and they have publicly committed to improving in regards to this matter.

Yesterday, it was announced that the incoming administration is planning to call for 50,000 young people to join the army, marine forces, and the federal police. Wouldn't it be more convenient to strengthen the federal police only, to diminish the presence of the army in the streets? Civic organizations have disapproved the army carrying out security tasks, as they're not trained for such endeavor, and since 2012, the growth in the number of police officers has been minimum. According to the latest Governmental Report, the federal police is comprised of 37,000 officers, and the armed forces have 269,000 elements.

Nevertheless, the announcement to strengthen the federal forces leaves out an important element: the state and municipal police forces are the ones who need strengthening, training, and attention. Inside those corporations is the most serious problem in the country, when the time comes to provide safety.

The study 2015 Police Development carried out by the organization Common Cause (Causa en Común) found that agents from local corporations don't have access to professional development opportunities, live in job uncertainty, have deficient training, and there's inequality between one region and other; also, 26 states don't comply with the required abilities, skills, and knowledge evaluations, and 15 corporations haven't carried out their performance exams.

A more recent study, carried out by Causa en Común, mentions that half of the police officers in Mexico earns a salary of under MXN $10,000 per month, that 40% considers that there is corruption inside their corporations, mostly senior members. And the most serious issue: 92% of those who are in charge of protecting society feel vulnerable.

Of course, it is essential to strengthen the federal forces in the face of the criminal attacks, but let's not forget the shortages the majority of state and municipal police forces go through. A presidency that promised them everything to strengthening is about top end, but very little was done. The attention demand is urgent.


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