A scandalous resignation
Germán Martínez left the IMSS yesterday - Photo: Lucia Godínez/EL UNIVERSAL

A scandalous resignation

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A scandalous resignation

We've been told that a few weeks ago, Germán Martínez said he would quit the IMSS because the resources taken from the IMSS would be used to support PEMEX. Yesterday, in a long letter, he addressed the serious crisis directly and clearly and the damage caused by “neoliberal” policies for misunderstood savings and substantial staff cuts. Nevertheless, he didn't mention the redirecting of funds, although in one paragraph, he mentions that “if perhaps the Finance Ministry thinks that the savings from the IMSS can be diverted for other purposes, it is necessary to remind it that the institute won't be forced to concentrate its revenue at the Treasury.” What diversions was Germán referring to? What could be more important than health? PEMEX? It would be healthy if after the denounce there would be a complaint.

The government's version

We've been told that there is another version surrounding Germán Martínez departure from the IMSS. Allegedly, Martínez was uncomfortable with the control and strictness in the use of the 2018 resources, managed by the Finance Minister, Carlos Urzúa. Also, we've been told that Martínez that Flavio Cienfuegos, who was appointed the institution's administrator, be replaced. Nevertheless, when Pedro Zenteno was appointed, Martínez wasn't comfortable either and Cienfuegos returned, who didn't acknowledge Martínez at all. Therefore, the new government perceived discomfort in an area that is looking to attack corruption, control expenses, and implement austerity.

The resignation sparks a crisis at the Senate

We've been told that it's likely that Germán Martínez will return to the Senate soon, which could create tension between two Morena groups. First, Martínez seat is being occupied by Pedro Haces Barba, a union leader and whose departure from the Senate could weaken the offensive to dethrone the CTM. Secondly, after their reaction to his resignation, Martínez could opt to declare himself as in independent lawmaker, nevertheless, Morena can't lose votes in the Senate because constitutional reforms have failed for lacking one single vote.

Magistrates and the ombudsman are now friends

Magistrates from the Electoral Tribunal were spotted having lunch with the national ombudsman, Luis Raúl González Pérez. Magistrates Felipe Fuentes Barrera, José Luis Vargas, Felipe de la Mata Pizaña, and Indalfer Infante were present at the encounter, to advance in the terms of a general agreement to collaborate with other institutions, will be signed in the next days. We've been told that during the meeting, the magistrates took a selfie, a sign that the collaboration is quite positive.


Austerity at the IMSS sparks crisis

Should be government implement budget cuts to an institution that provides healthcare to those in need?
Austerity at the IMSS sparks crisisAusterity at the IMSS sparks crisis


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